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Age: 27
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Time for my 2nd solo shoot with abbywinters.com I know that it will be fantastic.
The girls are lovely.
I am sexy and I can’t wait to have the members meet me I’m really doing what I love, and it feels amazing.
I hope to do all kinds of shoots and really develop into a brilliant hoddess, worshipped by many.

After the Shoot :

Ladies, gentlemen,
I’m a goddess !
We just wrapped up the most amazing shoot!
The sun kissed my body and I felt like the boss of it
( until it set, of course ... )
Otherwise, I feel like I could’ve shot all night.
What a day !
I’m the luckiest woman in the world .. and in the bright.
Blue sky

Emm for Abby Winters

  • Emm,

    I love your big bean..so rare and sexy. Thank you for sharing!

  • Yes, Emm has a beautiful, large clitoris nestled in a fantastic bald cunt.It is extra sexy that you are 27, so would have chosen to show your shaved fanny with a great degree of thought & maturity. As you wish, you will be worshipped for your womanliness, your face, suckable tits, & fuckable pussy. I got a very big hard-on from your pics, particularly on the swing with your legs spread showing your cunt, & then I came at that shot of you with bra, spreading your cunt-lips with your fingers.I wonder what you were thinking in that pic, maybe "Hi fellas out there, do you like my shaved cunt?" And yes,, we all love it, & the fact you want us to see it & pull our cocks at the sight of it.

  • Not sure why Emm has only 9 votes at this stage as I write this — I have just added my 5/5 vote to make it 10. Lovely girl, & I agree with the above, extra horny that she is 27, & is still game to spread her luscious shaved cunt for all to see & admire.Fantastic pic of her clitoris, but my favourite one is the one with her bra, spreading her snatch, & the other one on swing with legs apart lifting her dress & we again see that gorgeous snatch. Love the smile on her face in that one, & yes she does look like she is enjoying our gaze at her incredibly horny slit.

  • Since I love hanging boobs, I’m gonna give you 5 stars. The fact that your pussy is nice, and that your nipples are awesome is also great!

  • She is in some ways a stunner. The vulva tattoo was I think a mistake. She seems to have shaved in between shoots. She would be much sexier hairy.

    But hey great figure and what a beautiful clitoris, did I say beautiful clitoris? Yes it is.

  • would love the honor to make loooong passionate love to you for few weeks at a plush resort escape on a tropical island, beautiful lady, so you know how a woman like you should be pampered and treated. Love your smile. You are gorgeous Emm.

  • Emm,
    Nous voilà en 2014, tu dois donc avoir 33 ans et je suis sûr que tu es encore plus belle aujourd’hui car tu transpires la joie de vivre et tu es vraiment MAGIQUE !!! Pour la petite histoire, j’habite dans la vallée de Munster en Alsace (France) et il existe une belle église à Metzeral qui s’appelle l’église de l’Emm... Fais une recherche sur Internet et tu verras à quoi elle ressemble, en tous cas, comme toi, elle est très originale.

  • You are perfect and that pussy looks like it is soft sensual and super tight MMMmmm

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