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Age: 20 | Height: 173 cm | Pisces
Debut date: 21 Mar 2016
Total shoots: 1
28m / 1 video clips
245 images in 2 image sets

Before the Shoot :

Very first shoot with Abby Winters today ... I already love everyone here and I’m really excited avout today ! Sipping greentea, watching the clouds and thinking about what fun I’m gonna have today ... See you on the other side !

After the Shoot :

Yay ! Did my first shoot with AbbyWinters and it was amazing. My wonderful shooter and I had a great time chatting and laughing and I got a good little yoga workout. Thank you for the good experience.

Emilia for Abby Winters

  • A wonderful girl. Emilia has that ineffable "it", and when perusing her photos I certainly wished I could (in the words of Douglas Adams) find the ineffable and give it a right good effing.

    There seems to be a rise again in the numbers of Abby Winters girls sporting their natural hair. I approve, both of the armpit hair and her fabulous bush. And, thankyou, Emilia, for not only getting naked but for the cock-stiffening sight of you smiling into the camera whilst spreading your hairy cunt.

    I can hardly wait for more :-)

  • I am absolutely lost for words. Emilia is truly one of the most beautiful women I could ever imagine. Even when dressed she turns me to jelly with that gorgeous and seductive smile. But as the clothes come off, the view just gets better and better. An absolutely perfect body with delicious and natural private parts; mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My body is tingling looking at these stunning photos; thank you soooooooooooooooo much for sharing!

  • Just the most beautiful delicious stunning young woman ever! Every view of her is sheer perfection, from her sweet sensual smile to her utterly sensational body and that awesome hair, mmmmmmmmmm. I am absolutely transfixed by her beauty; WOW!

  • I was convinced that anybody as gorgeous as Emilia had to be just a dream so it was awesome to login to AW again and see that she really exists! She is so amazingly beautiful; many thanks to her for letting us all see how incredibly stunning and sexy she looks from head to toe!!

  • I am completely lost for words; absolutely breathtaking photos of an utterly perfect young woman; truly sensational! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Please move over Aphrodite; Emilia is officially the new goddess of love, beauty and sexuality (at least to me!! :) ) xx

  • What a gorgeous furry arsehole.

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  • Hanne : Gorgeous eyes, cheeky smile. Just beautiful.
  • Janey : What a cute ass and pussy, would love to make wild love to you right now
  • Candace : Would also love to just flick her tits around, smack them around a little, squeeze them, grope (...)
  • Candace : Wouldn’t mind sucking on those big juicy white tits of hers while sliding up inside her tight (...)
  • Claudia S & Lulu : I like how you have pictures of each of them performing on the other, from the same angles (...)
  • Allison : The woman is beautiful, reminds me of a former girlfriend, full of energy, playful in (...)
  • Zhen : Gorgeous; her professional stuff is spanktastic too. Talented girl.
  • Zhen : You so Beautiful.
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