Elysa & Francisca @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Francisca : Today is my day with Elysa. She is little mysterious and that got me excited. I also likes her style, her way of dressing and her long hair.
Elysa : Today I’m going to meet Franscisca, she seems lik a very sweet girl, I hoope we have a great time and discover ourselves together. She has a very cool tattoo, that has caught my attention. I hope she likes me !!
After the Shoot :
Francisca : OMG, what a day ! I tried so many new and different things ... Having sex in the bath, using the shower head on my clit. How lucky I’m !!! Definitely this day will be in my mind forever thank Elysa to be with me !
Elysa : The shoot has been great ! She kisses super well and has a super body and smile. It has been everything super fluid and fun, his body is tiny so it was nice to kiss her from above. She also had her first experience with the shower head, and was surprised and liked it. I’m happy to have thought her that.
Elysa & Francisca for Abby Winters

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