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Age: 18
Height: 165

Before the Shoot :

First shoot ! I’m pretty nervous. beautiful day today though. i’m ready to have some fun !

After the Shoot :

Wow ! that was loads of fun :) I’ve never felt so comfy naked before.

Elsher for Abby Winters

  • You’re very natural!

  • Elsher, your are a very charming lady. I hope to see you in additional sets.

  • I give you a 5 stars, because you’re really beautiful, and unlike many of your fellows, you stay natural

  • Elsher is superb. I love cardigans against naked flesh and Elshers nakedness is glorious. I’ve just wanked furiously while gazing at her lovliness.

  • What a lovely tufty muff.

  • Chère Elsher,
    tu as la chance d’avoir des seins tout à fait exceptionnels. L’aréole est très particulière et les tétons sont très réguliers et imposants... Comme j’ai pu constater sur les oreilles et le nez une inclination pour des piercings, mets-en tant que tu veux là-bas, mais ne prend aucun risque avec ta superbe poitrine, elle est magnifique comme cela. Par ailleurs tu as un visage d’ange et ton sourire fait du bien !!! Un Alsacien de 57 ans qui ne te veux que du bien.

  • I’ve been a member for years and never seen her. Makes me wonder how many more gorgeous young ladies are getting naked on this site that I haven’t seen yet. This small titted young Australian teenager is just Devine. Only 18 years old and getting naked on the internet for the world to see her lovely soft little tits and delicious hairy pussy. Love her perky little pink nipples too, in need of a good tweak and her tits a good grope. Gotta love those long untamed pubes on her pussy too. Nothing like a young teenage girl with a full hairy bush on her pussy. Would love to see her spread her legs and open up her tight young cunt and finger herself.

  • Cute girl, not a bad set of tits either. I’m impressed at how hairy is pussy is though. I wonder how long her pubes are. Would be great to see her measure them for us.

  • What a sweetheart! Would love to suck on those delicious little tits of hers. Love her young hairy pussy and cute get and toes too

  • Great video, once she was naked it was nice to watch her awkwardly rubbing her body and caressing her tits. Her tits do look nice to fondle though. Incredible pussy on her too, her pubes are longer than the hair on my head! Her bush looks nice but it makes it difficult to see much of her cunt under it all.

  • What a cutie! So young and fresh, it is a pleasure to stare upon this teenage girls lovely naked body and assess all of her bits. She has such a natural look, just a little bit chubby, particularly around her waisted and belly. Her breasts are quite nice to look at too. A little bit of sag with her lovely perky pink nipples pointing sightly downward but still holding a nice roundish shape. Interesting to notice how they sit on her chest she she’s standing vs laying on her back, goes to show how soft and supple they are which is obvious as we watch her rubbing her bare breasts. She has a lovely hairy pussy. It’s nice to see a young teenage girl like elsher with a full bush of pubic hair her pussy. Interesting to see that her pubes are dark while she’s blonde. It’s a shame we haven’t seen more of her pussy but I’m sure it’s lovely. She has really nice feet and cute toes too.

  • I saw this girl walking down the street the other day. Looks even more beautiful now! Just looking at those bare exposed tits of hers you know what they’d feel like. Soft and supple like an under filled water balloon. Quite the impressive pussy she has too!

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