Ellison @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Well I’m about to do my shoot. I’m feeling a little nervous but I know that will go away. I’m not to sure exactly what I’ll be doing but I’m sure I’ll be getting naked. Show you my goodies and stuff like that. I’m certain its going to be lots of fun and plus I love getting my photo taken so yeahh can’t wait.
After the Shoot :
The shoot was lots of fun ! I really enjoyed the video the most, working with Suzi and Penny was great they made me feel really comfortable. I can’t wait to do another shoot again this time it will be more dirty ! I get tp us toys. Can’t wait.
Ellison for Abby Winters

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    There us just something titalating, about a girl not wearing a bra. Such perfect tits and legs. Would love to cum on her belly.

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    I love your petite breasts, and those nipples are made to be sucked!
    But below them, your sweet gash/ pussy/ cunt is so inviting. You hold it open so provocatively.

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    What a lovely small titted girl we have here. The most delicious tiny little flat tits on her and such a tight pink cunt 👌

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