Elise L @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
I was pretty nervous because I’ve never travelled abroad for a shoot before - and Ive also never been out of the country by myself before ! I had to call my boyfriend at the airport to talk me through it all. But everyone was super clear and helpful regarding the shoot - Giulia was very welcoming and friendly, and has the cutest dog ! I’m feeling a little shy because it’s my first time, but I’m excited to start !
After the Shoot :
I am very tired ! But I think we got a lot of good content that I’m proud of. Playing violin was scary - it’s been a long time for me so hopefully I don’t get judged too hard !! I’m so grateful to travel and make great content and I’m glad that my intro ot it was with Giulia - she was lovely. Hopefully see you again ?
Elise L for Abby Winters

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