Dolly & Lola L @ Ersties

In this BDSM shoot, the strawberry-blonde sex bomb Dolly is completely at the mercy of her seductive dominatrix, Lola. A lengthy conversation about boundaries, deep trust, and sexy bondage tricks are the perfect ingredients for these electrifying scenes.

Well, what do we have here? Another BDSM shoot featuring the hot Ersties ladies Dolly and Lola L? We really know how to spoil you, don’t we? In this bondage shoot, the focus is on the sensuality of the ropes, the connection between the models during bondage, and the portrayal of a completely defenseless Dolly.

In our bonus behind-the-scenes video, you’ll get to know the performers and the set better. Dolly and Lola talk about what BDSM means to them and realize that this kink can be more intimate than "regular" sex because it’s about trust.

Dive into a wonderful world of unrestrained desire, sexual consent, pleasurable power play, and masterful rope art with this shoot.

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