Delilah @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Today I shot with Masie, it was my first shoot for Abby Winters, and it was so much fun. I got to learn a lot about myself, and this company is just awesome !

After the Shoot :

This is my day job back in the UK. I am a kinki lady and am used to heavy latex, and lots of make up. So being able to showcase my body in my own clothing that I wear everyday is exciting, and quite novelty ! I will also be working with a hot lady !

Delilah for Abby Winters

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    You look so sweet here that I can’t imagine what you’d be like in latex and heavy makeup.

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    Sweet set of tits on her, I just want to nibble on those gumdrop nipples of hers. She also has possibly the nicest cunt on the site with lovely pussy lips. Currently downloading her IM I can’t wait to see her fingering herself! I love the full frontal picture of her standing naked showing of her cute angelic face and all her bits.

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    wow perfect body and so nice shaved

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    Decent little cunt on her, those pink lips are quite nice and a nice tight little asshole just behind her pussy too. The tits on her aren’t too bad either, nice and supple with cute wee nipples. Keen to see her spread her cunt right open and show us what she can slide up inside herself.

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