Davana @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Excited, Sexy, Crazy, Open for anything ! That’s how i feel

After the Shoot :

Excited even more, Inspired even more, sexier, Opener ( not just the legs ) Thank you ... thank you...
I feel so good ...

Davana for Abby Winters

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    Davana,you have the cutest smile, bluest eyes and lovely breasts. I hope Abby posts more photos of you. Thanks

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    You are absolutely beautiful. And your cunt is lovely and natural and begs some tender fucking.

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    BOING!!!!! What a fantastic set of pictures. You got my attention..... ;-} {}

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    Aaah that’s more like it Abby - a girl (woman? - she is 29? she looks 18) yes, a girl who is happy to show us some nice cunt hair. So much more sexy than shaved (although all pusssies are good - but hairy ones are gooder!). Glad she enjoyed opening those legs for us all.

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