Daphne & Eve A @ Ersties

In their inaugural Ersties photo session, Daphne and Eve A embark on an exploration of the sensuality found in lovemaking amidst nature. Their profound connection leads to a truly passionate encounter that is bound to evoke intense emotions.

Daphne and Eve A, a stunning couple residing in Seattle, have shared their lives for half a decade. While seated together on the couch, they recount their meeting story and provide insights into their residence in Capitol Hill, the most progressive neighborhood in Seattle. Eve also shares the remarkable career transformation Daphne underwent, transitioning from a funeral director when they first crossed paths.

This marks the couple’s debut appearance with Ersties, and they are enthusiastic about crafting content that caters to their own preferences as viewers. Their passion for this endeavor results in an electrifying, intimate, and sensuous session.

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