Danna & Elysa @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Hi ! today I am very excited, it is the first time that I do a girlgirl with someone I dont know. But Danna is super pretty and funny, is her first girl girl ever and I hope she has a great time.
After the Shoot :
Today was INCREDIBLE, I felt a lot of chemistry with Danna. My favorite part has been game with candle, and whe she surprided and introducing herself with the candle, the spanking was also cool and how she led me to do things. The pleasure she likes is very different from mine, but it’s been fun getting to know it.
Elysa for Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
I am very happy to do my first girl girls shooting. Elysa is very nice, I think we’re going to have fun.
After the Shoot :
I had a lot of fun with Elysa. I really liked playing to pervert her at the beginning, because it turned me on that she had a little shame. She has taught me how she likes to be given pleasure :)
Danna for Abby Winters

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