Dahlia @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Hi darlings, surprise surprise ! I’m back in the great Abbyland ! Are you excited to see what I’ve got to show you ? Let’s get this party started !

After the Shoot :

It’s fall in Amsterdam ! Guess what it means ... I’ve just done a pretty awesome guerilla shoot in the park. The colours were just gorgeous & I had some amazing time uncovering tons of layers of my clothing ... in public ... you gonna love this !

Dahlia for Abby Winters

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    I love the way you bite your lip so cutely as you stick your fingers up your vagina.

    Nice cunt btw.

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    Thank you for opening up when it looks so cold outside.
    Flowers do not blossom during the cold season but you certainly do!!!

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    Braless, panty less during this photo shoot .. she must of endured a lot to get the photos for us. I love how she looks so passionate when she fingers herself... She is the perfect girl friend. Committed and confident.

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