Cleo C @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I flew in from SEATTLE, WA which is known for rain yet its raining here in California. But that’s what I love so its all SMILES :) hre from m ! I took a wonderful long nice shower this morning before gtting a yummy breakfast from the store. I feel READY and ENERGIZED and EXCITED to shoot ! I’ve been practicing my hand stands recently and can’t wait to show how good I’ve gotten !

After the Shoot :

WOW ! I had so much fun today. I was worried I would have an hard time having orgasm in front of camera, but I had two ! Showing all my TOys ( adult and non-adult toys) was new and interesting, I hope you liked them all ! I think my handstand turned out pretty good, don’t you ? It was so much fun to play around in my fox tail and show it off. See you next time !

Cleo C for Abby Winters

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