Clara @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Just flew down from sydney. I’m really excited and nervous about getting my junk off for you !

After the Shoot :

Just got back from the shoot, I had a blast ! It was alot of fun and I’d love to do it again.

Clara for Abby Winters

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    Lovely girl all over, lovely muff, nice pussy lips showing in one pic.Clara has all the goods to make me very stiff, but would love a few more naked (& explicit) shots to go further.

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    Yes, Clara is fantastic -I love that shot of her standing full frontal nude - young fresh very pretty face, so innocent apparently, then I see her beautiful firm titties & inviting bush. She has a gorgeous bod overall.That shot of her sitting in the chair with legs apart proudly showing her hairy slit did it for me. Sorry Clara, I had to take myself in hand at that pic, couldn’t help myself. Was such a turn-on - seeing your lovely face & mouth at the same time as the sight of your absolutely beautiful hairy pussy, no I will go further as yours is sooo horny that I would prefer to call it cunt, which is a positive word in the right context, a very horny word for those lovers who love to talk dirty in the right passionate situation. I think cunt is what pussy becomes when it has a certain primeval, rude sensuality, such as when a girl is at the height of her passion & the lips are swollen & most loving.Using that pic of you in the chair, I imagined myself standing in front of you with my erect penis near your face, & you licking the tip, & taking me into your mouth as I lean over & finger your hairy snatch, spread the cunt lips gently & caress your clitoris. Please keep showing more nude photos of yourself with AW, Clara. Come back for many more. Would love to see some pics of Clara pulling back her vagina lips with her lovely face in the same shot. That would be the ultimate turn-on. Also, please don’t ever shave your vagina, Clara. I think real women have hairy pussies, & real men are obsessed with them (with the women, & their hairy pussies - & yours is perhaps the most horny hairy mick I have ever seen). Thank you so much Clara. You have my vote by the way. Dan.

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    Your tits are very nice!

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    Her name is ***** ****

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    Wonderful curves, her bush is so tantalizing

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    Femme Parfaite

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