Christen @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I’m christen this is my first shoot today. I’m not nervous but I’m excited :)
It’s a beautiful day today and I cant wait to take my clothes

After the Shoot :

I realised that I really enjoyed being around the beautiful flours, and I would love to do a shoot again .

Christen for Abby Winters

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    Hallo Christen

    Ich finde deine Bilder super. Du bist sehr hübsch. Vor allem deine rasierte Muschi finde ich sehr süss. Ich habe noch nie so eine kleine Muschi gesehen mit so schön geformten Schamlippen. Ich freue mich über weitere Bilder von dir. Vielleicht auch im Bereich Peeing.

    Gruß Mike

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    Hello :)

    I have seen few of you pictures and was completely swallowed by your beutiful smile and your deep lovely eyes. I did not feel such a sweetness for a very long time. I wish to be in some contact with you. (FBook: von Czernitz)

    Take care


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    you are amazingly perfect in every way

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    Just perfect. I particularly like her presence in the "Fitness" photoshoot, and it’s no wonder that she virtually dominates that Group shoot.

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    I love everyting about you! Fantastic pussy, fantastic tits!

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    Christen is a nice looking girl; has a nice curvaceous figure; and a splendid bubble butt.

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    Congratulations on your wonderful photo shoots. Christen, you are absolutely the most beautiful woman on Abby Winters, an embodiment of feminine perfection. I can’t wait to see more of you.

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    Oh my word, those milky white, perky tits of hers are delightful! Nipples perfectly proportioned and positioned, nice light pink colour too but the size and shape of those tits are just absolutely mouthwatering. I could spend days just playing with those tits of hers, groping, squeezing and fondling her chest. Lovely little cunt on her too, love those meaty pussy lips and thick clit. Absolutely loved watching this fresh young teenage girl get naked and have her tits, pussy and everything else out on exhibition for the world.

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    Does anybody know if she masturbates in her videos? I’d love to watch this lovely young teenage girl fingering her pussy with those ripe tits jiggling around.

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    The breasts on this lovely young teenage girl have ripened up quite nicely. Decent little pussy on her too. I’ve heard we can watch her finger herself at gow, looking forward to seeing this.

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