Christen @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Yay I am doing a solo shoot today ... It’s been a while since i had my last solo shoot and i can’t wait to see how this shoot is going to turn out :)

After the Shoot :

Today was fun. I am so happy that i had a shoot it was heaps of fun :)

Christen for Abby Winters

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    perfect figure, pussy, looks, cute boobs i just wanna suck n drill into your pussy :)) love u christen

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    You have an artistic body, so beautiful. I love it

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    You have a very very nice smile and it makes me want to say I DO

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    u r my dream come true... your skin looks very delicious... i hope you to reply my message

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    Christen is an awesome sight to behold. With a voluptuous figure, a luscious pair of butt cheeks and thick, shapely thighs and calves, she is absolutely a stunner. She is very pretty, too.

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    Oh my, what an lovely ripe young set of tits on this sweet Australian teenage girl. So firm and perky, nice size and shape to them with a lovely big pair of pink nipples. She’s got a beautiful cunt too, love her nice thick cunt lips, I just wish she’d spread her legs s bit more for us so we can get a decent look at her pussy and up her cunt. Overall a stunning young lady with a great set of tits and nice tight little pussy

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    Her tits are actually perfect. Size is just right, especially for her body, shape is ideal, nice, perky, firm and full with more breast commune beneath her nipple giving it that slightly upward nipple, perky look. Speaking of her nipples, they are absolutely delightful, geometrically perfect round areola with, perfect shade of pink and perfectly sized nipples. Her tit to areola to nipple ratio is perfectly proportioned too. They’re a pair of tits I’d just love to grope!

    Actually not just her tits but her entire body is a treat to look at. Legs, feet, toes, face, ass and that lovely bald pussy of hers too. I wish she spread her legs a bit more often so we could get a really good close up look of her tight little cunt. Watching her masturbate and rubbing that lovely meaty young pussy of hers while those ripe young tits jiggle around would be a dream!

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