Cate - Abby Winters

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Age: 18
Height: 157

Before the Shoot :

Today is my first shoot . I’m really excited about the shoot. All girls are really cool ! I can’t wait to start shooting.

After the Shoot :

It was alot of fun ! Alot more fun than i expected. I really liked the people i worked with helpful and made it heaps of fun !! I would definitely do this again !

Cate for Abby Winters

Forum posts

  • I notice Cate has no votes at this stage (she has my 5/5 vote now though), maybe because she has only just come online (?) or maybe because she is not showing too much flesh. Those naughty AW viewers — dying to see every girl’s pink bits! And no wonder with Cate, as she gives us some nice, quite discrete shots of her nakedness, legs closed (Tier 1, I guess). Lovely girl, beautiful big eyes,wonderful young little titties, and an inviting slit between those amazing legs. I like the bit of 5 o’clock stubble around her snatch, nice to see a bit of hair, & conjures images of her shaving her lovely twat a week or so before. My god, what would that be like, seeing her soap up that pussy & shave it, maybe pulling on her vagina lips a bit to get access to hard to reach parts. Maybe her boyfriend watched her do it as he pulled on his cock, or maybe he shaved her? Would love you to show us more next time Cate, & get some extra cash, maybe show us some close-ups of your snatch, and some shots of you smiling at the camera as you pull back your luscious cunt-lips. You have a glorious, sexy cunt between those legs of yours, so please let us see more of it Cate.

  • hello im j_blok & just ran across your site wanna say your beautifull but u get that everyday i;m sure !!! but your eyes captivatied me !! i’m always open 2 make new friends if u wanna chat some time get 2 me on yahoo screen name is j_blok2006 i’d love 2 hear from u !!!

  • OMG just delightful !

  • wow she is a dream - hope to see more of Cate

  • Lovely girl, lovely recently shaved pussy — I agree with one of comments above, would love to see more of her pussy, with that gorgeous face of course — maybe some shots with her fingers in an upside-down ’v’, opening her vagina lips. This girl has it all, & she should show it all to keep us in sexual ecstacy.

  • Lovely start, please do another shoot.

  • Just’re body is perfect! I’m a lover of small titties!—and a beautiful face!

  • It’s a shame we don’t get to see your pussy properly, ’cos you look fabulous!

  • beautiful just beautiful

  • Wow you are a sexy young lass.would love to see more

  • STUNNING ! ! ! !

    Absolute 10 ! ! !

  • As the song goes "You must have been a beautiful baby....." You should be doing some serious modelling gal, all the best, Garry

  • Cate, you are incredibly beautiful. Your body is perfect and your breasts especially are just unbelievably sexy. Wow!

  • Please please please do another shoot! And let us get really close to your cunt... I get really hard just thinking about your snatch...

  • Elle est belle et sensuele ... je adore ce fille ... bisous a elle!!!

  • I agree with the wish to see more of Cate s cunt! But it’s those lovely girlish breasts of hers that make me cum so easily!!

  • Oh, those cute little breasts!!! So girlish and erotic. And the sweet mystery of Cate s cunt. I suspect it’s a lovely tight pussy that would be heaven to fuck?!
    Of all the AW girls I ve seen, Cate is the one I come back to to get instantly hard. It s those nipples in her shirt. So innocent looking.
    I can only dream of what my cock would feel like deep in her, with those fab legs wrapped around me. I d flood you, Cate baby!

  • you are beautiful i like your angel face

  • Hi, My name is Damalachi Jackson and i just want to say how beautiful cate is she’s such an amazing angel to look at,she’s probably the most beautiful young lady abbywinters have so far. She’s just such an amazing angel to look at. I really wish too get to know her, whoever she’s talking to or seeing or in a relationship with they’re truly is a lucky guy. I know if i had the chance to get to know her or date her she’ll make my dreams come true. Cate is truly a blessing and a dream to want too get to know.

  • Oh my, just look at the body on this lovely small titted teenage girl. Those nice big eyes of hers, cute face, soft little tits, well proportioned pink nipples, her delicious young little pussy and lovely feet and toes are so nice to look at. Love the shot of her unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her small right breast and nipple. Also the shot of her pulling down her underpants to reveal the top of her pussy and her dark trimmed pubes with one tit slightly out on display. Hope we get to see her fingering her tight little cunt.

  • How beautiful you are, o young fairy! If I were 20 years younger, I would do everything possible to meet you and look into your beautiful eyes in real life! Excuse the old man! But I fell in love!..

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  • Carmina & Fenna : Wow.. So sexy...💋
  • Holly V : Yes, Holly V hits the jackpot again with her cute freckly face, great body and a lovely natural (...)
  • Noemie : Nice hairy cunts spread wide are the best :-)
  • Alma : i love the stretchmarks on her saggy tits and the hairy cat. THICC
  • Luna R : You have gorgeous eyes and face that looks friendly and kind. Your body is amazing, with all (...)
  • Gretchen & Masie : Love this set. Two willing young ladies.
  • Lucie L : What a tasty young lady.
  • Lawan : What a treat, a beautiful bald Asian spinner.
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