Casey Q @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I’m Casey Q and this my first professional shoot which I am SUPER excited for. I usually photograph myself and post online so it’s a nice change to have someone else do it ! I’m confident the pictures will turn out great !

After the Shoot :

That was so much fun ! It was more physically demanding than expected which just added to the fun experience ! I felt comfortable and I feel like the pictures will turn out amazing. I’m so grateful for such a cool opportunity !

Casey Q for Abby Winters

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    Such a beautiful smile!

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    Cute girl, I like how she’s a gamer too.

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    I’m happy to say this gorgeous broad is my girlfriend. I’ve been trying to talk her into a GB video shoot, but she’s a bit of an old romantic at heart, and doesn’t plan to take her itch for exhibitionism as far as I’d enjoy!

    So I’m afraid this photoshoot might be it. So relax. Enjoy. Make the most of my beautiful Casey. She’s someone who truly deserves all the love in the world!

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    I love your enthusiasm. You are obviously proud of your titties. Are you proud of your pussy also? Your pussy makes my mouth water. You know why. I would lick you from your head to your toes and not miss a single spot.

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      What a beautiful young woman - gorgeous smile, curvaceous body and wonderful unshaven mass of pubic hair around her pussy. She is clearly a very sexual creature - could make love to her hairy vulva all day.

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    Beautiful boobs but that hairy bush drives me insane and gives me a major erection

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