Carleigh @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

It’s my first solo shoot for Abby Winters. The sun is shinning so bright outside, it’s beautiful ! I can’t wait to see how this shoot goes !

After the Shoot :

The shoot was so amazing, I felt so comfortable in ly skin and I always love expressing myself sexually. I am excited to see how it turns out !

Carleigh for Abby Winters

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    Love her dark soft bush. Blondes are sexy with dark carpets

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      she’s not a natural blonde obviously lol. your pubic hair color matches your natural head hair color. she’s a brunette

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    Nobody is a natural blonde these days. But she is cute

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    Doesn’t matter what colour her pubic hair is, just great to see a woman keeping her genitalia and anus natural and hairy rather than shaved like a child. Love Carleigh’s cute face, petite body, small breasts and erect nipples and the horny way she spreads her puckered anus and vulva. Her pussy gets incredibly aroused as you can see in her B-G shoot where she rubs her lover’s penis all over her plump erect clitoris and swollen brown labia - so erotic to see their aroused genitals full of desire for each other.

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