Carla - Abby Winters

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Age: 19
Height: 161
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Really excited ready to have some fun.
Wearing a really cute set of undies there white and fishnet so sexy.
Theres another hot model near who’s new and so cute!
Going to have heaps of fun playing around in next to nothing boiling because its so hot here!!

After the Shoot :

I had a lot of fun it was really hot.
I tried some new things.
I’m pretty tired now hope you enjoy!!

Carla for Abby Winters

  • Carla your tiny breasts are incredibly beautiful, and your pussy so succulent looking. Wish i could be with you to take care of it. I would keep it clean with my tongue, lick it dry after you pee in my mouth, and clean your period with my tongue. It would be an honour to do that for you.

    tongue kisses from Canada


  • This shot is so awesome!
    You are awesome, your pussy is awesome, your tits are awesome, your nipples are awesome, and last but not least, you arsehole is fuckin’ awesome! You have sucha great sex appeal, and I love those pics where you’re fingering your butt. I also love the pic where you’re licking those panties!

  • Very sexy photos. What more could be asked for?

  • That shot of you licking your pussy juices out of your own knickers is amazing. I love the way that we can see the stains you have left. Really sexy. You must be one of the muckiest girls on the site...finger in the arse too!

  • Not often a completely flat-chested girl will be quite happy to show her tiny tits
    ... very very very nice for those of us who prefer these things. Yes!

  • Such tiny tits and she’s happy to share them with us. Lovely.

  • Carla has best "front-on" quim ever - a magnificent deep dark slit, red labia majora and a trace of dark hair on her mons veneris. Gorgeous.

  • This is the beauty that search for it
    Please do not hesitate .. Contact me

  • Hey Carla, You actually came into where I work a long time ago. Biggest regret of mine is not having the guts to say hi to you. ive seen you around one other time and was gutless then too :)

    Do you have a public email? I want to explain myself :)?

  • Carla,
    J’ai 57 ans, et la deuxième image du set (celle où les bouts de seins passent à travers les mailles...) me rappelle un souvenir vieux de plus de 30 ans, je travaillais dans une banque, j’avais un guichet payeur et un jour une fille était assise en face de moi pour retirer des sous avec les bouts de seins exactement comme toi, peut-être qu’elle espérait que je me trompe dans le nombre de billets à décaisser...

  • Love a chick that’s willing to spread em and show off her snatch... Absolutely sensational

  • Love to lick the panty under her glory hole

  • This flat chested teenage gooks good with her flat chest out on display and tight little pink spread nice and wide with a finger up her delicious asshole. yummy

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