Caramel S - Abby Winters

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Age: 28 | Height: 164 cm | Scorpio

Debut date: 11 Jan 2012
Total shoots: 7
02h 20m 15s / 6 video clips
1,166 images in 6 image sets

Before the Shoot :

What a wonderful morning to start a shooting & enjoy being here. I will have fun ! Your Caramel S

After the Shoot :

I feel so relaxed and happy nothing bothers me after orgasm !

Caramel S for Abby Winters

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  • Hanne : Gorgeous eyes, cheeky smile. Just beautiful.
  • Janey : What a cute ass and pussy, would love to make wild love to you right now
  • Candace : Would also love to just flick her tits around, smack them around a little, squeeze them, grope (...)
  • Candace : Wouldn’t mind sucking on those big juicy white tits of hers while sliding up inside her tight (...)
  • Claudia S & Lulu : I like how you have pictures of each of them performing on the other, from the same angles (...)
  • Allison : The woman is beautiful, reminds me of a former girlfriend, full of energy, playful in (...)
  • Zhen : Gorgeous; her professional stuff is spanktastic too. Talented girl.
  • Zhen : You so Beautiful.
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