Cara & Vince @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Cara : I’m so so excited to fuck my Sir on camera for the world to see !! We’ve had a lot of sexual adventures but this is brand new for us and it’s going to be super hot !
Vince : I’m so excited to do porn with Cara ! Before we ever met I made a sexual bucket list and never even dreamed I’d have the chance to do this especially with someone so beautiful. I can’t wait !
After the Shoot :
Cara : I’m feeling AMAZING ! That was such hot sex and I love Vince so much. This has been a really beautiful experience and I feel like we’re more connected than ever. Can’t wait to watch the results together !!!
Vince : That was incredible ! I’m so happy and so impressed and in love with Cara. Post sex tired is the best kind of tired :)
Cara & Vince for Abby Winters

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