Candice D & Ciara D @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Candice D : Very excited to be back and meeting Ciara D. She is very cute and it looks like we will enjoy a lot each other :)
Ciara D : Here we go ! Candice D is super cute. I wonder what I will do today; maybe I will play with her feet ? I don’t know; but I’m excited !
After the Shoot :
Candice D : I loved our feet play today, and not only ! Ciara D is really amazing and so hot ! I need to tell she’s a great kisser.
Ciara D : That was different ! I’ve never done so much foot stuff before & Candice D was so exploratory. Who knows when I’ll be back; maybe it will be my last shoot for a long time. Love you all.
Candice D & Ciara D for Abby Winters

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