Candace - Abby Winters

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Age: 19
Height: 166
City: Melbourne

  • I don’t nkown to talk,I agree with AB,completely adorable!!

  • youre tits on my lips..umm

  • I Jst fel in LOVE with U Honey........One nite with you I’ll be ur butler for the rest of my life.......

  • Luv the hairy bush but would like to see the lips hidden beneath

  • you got beautifull legs babe. nice tits too. im so glad you took your panties of and showd us your beautifull furry bush it looks so sexy i could just kiss it. the best babe xx

  • oh my.

    I think that you are the most lovely girl ever, your bush is perfect, you have created a follower

  • What a celebration of woman hood. Is she just 19?

  • Best woman on here. Very sexy.

  • God, what a gorgeous woman! Sexy as hell and cuter than a bug. And what a beautiful smile! I’ve seen hundreds of sexy Abby girls over the last few years. Candace, you are a total babe, in my opinion.
    I’d love to find you and beg you to marry me, but I don’t speak Australian, so simply worshipping your stunning body every night probably wouldn’t work out long term, so just know that I’m a huge admirer. Hopefully Abby will talk you into doing more shoots.

  • amazingly beautiful love to be with you

  • adorable love to spend my life with you

  • I saw the picture of you fully dressed and simply thought ... I want to see those tits. I did and was not disappointed. Shame you didn’t share your hairy cunt with us too, but you can’t always have everything.

  • En deux mots : UNE PRINCESSE, voilà ce que tes images m’inspirent Candace. Prends bien soin de tes seins, ils sont d’une rare beauté, c’est sur la dernière image que tu es la plus belle. Je te souhaite une superbe année 2014.

  • Delicious set of teenage tits on this young girl. Decent pair of pink nipples too. Her breasts are quite large for her age and look like quite a lot of fun to play with. I quite like the look of her hairy pussy too. She has such an abundant thick bush of dark pubic hair which is nice to see on young girls for a change. She has nice feet too and cute toes. It’s a shame she never spread her cunt open for us but those glorious titties of hers make up for it anyway.

  • Hey Candace,

    What a beautiful naked young teeneger you are! You have such nice big juicy teenage tits. They look like a lot of fun to play with and fondle. I also love your nice hairy cunt, young girls like you tend to shave their pussy but it’s nice to see your tight pussy with thick and abundant pubic hair. I can’t get over your breasts though, so big for a 19 year old and your delicious pink nipples are perfectly proportioned to your areola and tits. You also have really cute little toes. I loved watching you make out with another girl and groping each other. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous young naked body with us!

  • Gorgeous example of a young big titted Australian girl. Can’t stop looking at those juicy knockers of hers. Love her hairy pussy too but i thought she’d have blonde pubes.

  • I love admiring this girls big juicy tits, it’s almost a daily ritual for me especially with her fully naked on my desktop. I wonder though, is she naturally blonde? Thanks to her lovely hairy pussy were can see that her pubes are quite dark which makes me think she’s naturally brunette.

  • This young aussie teen has a fabulous set of big playful tits on her. I like the way they bounce around on her chest as she moves. Her pussy is so hairy too, such a large dark thick bush between her legs. What I’d love to see is candace spreading that tight young cunt of hers open and showing us how wet she is while she fingers herself and moans with pleasure. I would also love to see her squeeze milk out of those huge full tits and lick it off her cute pink nips while she’s fingering her cunt. I would also like to suck on those cute toes of hers too.

    Thank you candace, you’ve made this old man happy with your delicous young naked body.

  • Crikey, such a huge set of tits on this sweet young teenager, what are they D or DD cups or something? Quite a nice hairy pussy too, she mustn’t have shaved her pubes on quite a while. Watching her make out with another girl with her tits out and bring groped was amazing!

  • Would love to get my hands on those deliciously give tits of hers, they look perfect for playing with. Nice thick bush on her too, interestingly dark pubes for a blonde. If only we got to see her spread her sweet young pussy and poke herself a little bit. I bet he tight pink cunt was so wet during this shoot and especially when she was making out with Paula.

  • Such a big juicy pair of tits for young Aussie teenager. Would love to see her get go for a run naked with those big titties of her bouncing around. Didn’t mind seeing her spread that lovely hairy pussy of hers and put a few fingers up her cunt. Even a dildo up her pussy would be great to watching.

  • Lovely young adolescent teenage girl with a deliciously big set of tits. Love her hairy test pussy too. What a great sight to look at!

  • Geez I do love the proportions of her body! Great big tits, small body and a hairy cunt to top it all off. In fact I think her pubes are longer than the hair on my head!

  • Oh just imagine her doing a tit drop! I bet those jugs would drop well..

  • Her great big tits are just stunning to look at. I want to see her go for a jog topless to see how much this big norks of hers bounce and swing around. That’d be a great sight! Even better if she was fully naked with a dildo slid up her hairy young cunt. Delicious!

  • I’d love to see what her tits look like now after 14 years. Actually it’d be good if she could just come back and take her clothes off so can all see her full naked body again. I bet she’d look gorgeous pregnant and naked, especially looking at the size and fullness of her young teenage tits without any milk in them.

  • It’s the sweet young teenage girls next door, undressing until they’re totally naked and showcasing their tits and pussy like this young lady that makes this site amazing. The models are the amateur that beautiful young Candace could be my waitress but with the added bonus that I’ve seen her bare naked body, her big ripe tits, pink nipples, hairy pussy etc.

  • Whoa check out the pussy on her! Those pubes are wild, it’s like a jungle in between her lovely pale white legs. Nice big white tits on her too.

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