Caitlyn J @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

It’s cold !!! brr ! But I’m excited about my shoot !! Getting used to them but this is my 1st explicit shoot so it will be different but I’m not nervous ! Hope you all enjoy my pics !!

After the Shoot :

Today’s shoot was so much fun ! very cold though ! It was full of intilate close-ups which I hope everyone enjoys !

Caitlyn J for Abby Winters

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    I love it when Abby Winters models come back and do more explicit photo shoots, it gives us hope :-)

    Like in the previous shoot Caitlyn shows nice breasts, a soft curvy figure and a gorgeous smile. She sort of opened her legs before, however, this time we get to see her display her cunt in all it’s glory, and it’s a rather nice one too.

    The best shot for me must be where Caitlyn is lying back and opening her labia with fingers from both hands. The way she looks so looking calmly into the camera cliches it, cool and sexy.

    It could be seen as a passive shot, but actually it’s quite active. Caitlyn is looking directly into the camera, her breasts have been pulled out from under her top and are on diplay, she’s pulled the her knicker gusset to one side and then angled her legs and hips to direct her very nicely and evenly spread cunt right towards the camera

    So, though lying down on her back, she’s actively offering up herself to the camera but still adopting a pose where she could receive any advances. No wonder I’ve got such a hard erection :-)

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    Very pretty, smiling eyes, gorgeous body - honestly, how could we NOT enjoy?!

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    Wonderful erotic pictures of a beautiful woman.

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    Just in case we get bored with feasting our eyes on gorgeous girls, Abby Winters often puts a fine selection of books in the background with such titles as ’He died with a felafel in his hand’. However there is no chance of my eyes wandering anywhere other than on Caitlyn’s superb body. I love yor smile, your breasts and your lovely pussy. You have nice fingernails which look admirable as your fingers pull to one side your labia, exposing the entrance to your vagina. So, there’s no contest between looking at Caitlyn or looking at books. It’s Caitlyn every time.

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    Nothing like watching Caitlyn fingering herself on a Sunday morning, it’s almost a ritual now. Watching her sweet pink nipples atop her full perky tits rise and fall as she gasps with pleasure each time her fingers slide inside her tight young pussy. The way she touches her clit and then parts her wet pink pussy lips before thrusting her fingers deep inside herself again with one hand and groping and grabbing and her breasts with the other hand, tugging and pinching at her nipples. I enjoy the look on her face as she reaches a climax and then watching her whole body shake, her tits giggle and fingers shake inside herself as waves of pleasure surge through her gorgeous body as she orgasms.

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    Every time I watch her masturbating I’m always surprised at how deep she pushes her fingers into her tight pink pussy and also how wet her gets. Love watching girls masturbating when they have their fingers inside themselves rather than just playing with their clit. Not a bad pair of tits on her either, soft and bouncy and decent size too. Perfect tits too slap around a bit. Nice toes too.

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    Lovely woman.. Lovely everything. Id love see you spread that sweet cunt wide open let us see u juicy.

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    She needs to have that sweet face covered in baby batter

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