Boyana - Abby Winters

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Age: 25 | Height: 176 cm | Aries

Debut date: 04 Mar 2019
Total shoots: 1
32m 52s / 1 video clips
274 images in 2 image sets

Before the Shoot :

My life has always been associated with photography, so I love all the manifestations of this art. For me this shooting is about pleasure and exit from the comfort zone. I hope that everything will go well ! I have small experiences about how my body looks and whether you will like me but I hope you like and enjoy it !

After the Shoot :

I have so much fun. I was relaxed and laughed all the time. The only thingI was worried about is my english, but it was good practice for me. Hope we will continue to work ! Thank god I practiced yoga so I had something to show :)

Boyana for Abby Winters

  • What a beauty!

    The kind of woman I’d want kids with, if only I could afford it.

  • Oh my, check out the lovely ripe tits on this one! So firm and perky, nipples nice and firm too. That hairy pussy of hers too, delicious. Just look at how long her pubes are! Especially looking at her pussy side on. Hope to see her spread her legs, open up her wet cunt and finger herself for us

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  • Kelli : So young and delicious, just look at those lovely small breasts of hers, so firm and ripe. Not (...)
  • Anthea : I love the car shoot, makes her feel like a street walker. Very sexy!
  • Jacey : JAKE? is that the name of your PIMP?
  • Kelli : What a sweet tiny boobed teenager!
  • Paula : Hi Paula! I think you have the most beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile:):). Do you know if (...)
  • Charlie T : Gosh that’s a tiny little pussy. Her tits are also very tiny. She knows how to spread her cunt (...)
  • Kelli : That’s amazing that her ex is shooting her naked. Her current boyfriend just be a great guy. (...)
  • Tilly B : It is lovely to see my last comment on your page and even more lovely to see your beautiful (...)
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