Blaise - Abby Winters

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Before the Shoot :

I’m nervous but I’m excited... i’m popping my camera virginity !

After the Shoot :

I feel more confident within myself and comfortable in my body. I’ll always remember today as my being the brunette version of marilyn monroe ! I loved mucking a guys shirt

Blaise for Abby Winters

  • the hair says wild and untamed..lovely symetrical labia..what an angel

  • Oh Blaise you are both cock stiffeningly and heart meltingly gorgeous. Your poses and sweet smile look so natural and fun, you obviously enjoyed being photographed.

  • This is very nice photograph of yours, your smile is very beautiful

  • What a beautiful young woman you are Blaise. Your smile is so captivating.

  • Chère Blaise,
    Bien sûr que ton sourire est exquis, mais comment se fait-il que personne n’ait encore remarqué tes superbes jambes, couronnées d’un derrière majestueux avec des courbes parfaites (94)? Et là les mots me manquent pour qualifier ton incroyable vagin en trois étages, vraiment exceptionnel, je rêve de les ouvrir l’un après l’autre...
    Peut-être dans le prochain set ?

  • Wow, what a gorgeous small titted young aussie teenager! Your tits are just wonderful, so young, firm and perky. Delicious thick pink nipples that point slightly upward and nicely sized areola. Your breast to nipples ratio is superb and tits are well proportioned to the rest of her body. Her pussy is delightful to look at too and I’m really glad to see her spread her legs and show us her lovely bald cunt. She’s got nice meaty pussy lips and a nice prominent clit. Seeing her spread her cunt lips apart and slide her fingers deep inside her young wet juicy pussy until she orgasimed would have been perfect! Love the tan lines over her tits and pussy too, reminds me of how lucky we are to be looking at her private parts. She’s also got beautiful feet and cute suckable toes. Blaise, you are crazy beautiful all over and I’m so happy to have nude pictures of you.

  • Love the tits and cunt on this sweet young aussie teenager. Nice meaty pussy lips and lovely small clit, what a brilliant close up of her private girl bits. You can see her entire young cunt in so much detail; all the wrinkles, folds and stubble from her shaved dark pubes. I really wish she went a bit further and spread her pussy open and showed us her wet pink insides before fingering herself and showing us how she orgasms. I’ve added her full frontal and pussy closeup to a list of my other favourite AW models for easy comparison. Her firm set of tits are definitely a treat on the eye too, I find it hard to take my eyes off her bare chest and fantastic cute pink nipples. It looks like she enjoyed getting naked for the internet based off how hard and erect her nipples were towards the end.

  • It’s really brave of you to get naked and spread your legs for the whole world to see. Anybody in the world, young or old, can look at your ripe young tits or lovely bald pussy whenever they like and I thank you. I absolutely love those perfectly formed, young, firm perky tits of yours and especially your nice shaved pussy and glorious meaty cunt lips. I love the shot of you bent over from behind and your legs spread apart giving us a glimpse of your anus and a silhouette of your cunt lips hang down from your pussy.

  • Not a bad set of tits on this one. Nice firm and perky with no sag. Decent pair of nipples too. Glad we got to watch you taking your clothes off for us, I just wish we got to see you fingering that beautiful meaty pussy of yours, maybe slide a dildo into it too and watch you orgasm.

  • So glad I got to see this lovely young lady take off all of her clothes. Given that anybody in the world can see her naked pictures, I wonder of anyone has recognised her. Maybe at a restaurant, in public, on a tour, on a flight, people at work. I bet a lot of people have but never say anything. Maybe she shows her friends these pictures? Maybe her boyfriend has his friends over and they all sit together and look at pictures of her naked with her tits and pussy on display.

  • Nice ripe young tits on this beautiful young lady. Love the cunt lips that hang down between her legs too. Such a lovely sight.

  • The first time I saw Blaise and even heard is Abby winters was at a hostel in Melbourne that had a porn and chicken night. About 80 of us got to watch Blaise getting naked. I’m so glad I got to watch this beautiful young lady taking her clothes off, unclipping her bra to reveal her lovely, small, firm, perky breasts. Judging by her nipples I’d say she was enjoying the thought of getting naked for the world. General consensus around the hotel is that she has some of the best tits on the internet. The best part was when she pulls her knickers down so we can see her beautiful, young, bald pussy with those perfect meaty pussy lips hanging from her cunt. I now have a full sized canvas of Blaise full frontal naked in my living room, visitors always comment on her beauty and also get perfect breasts.

  • Some of the ripest, firmest young tits on the internet. Nice little pussy on her too. What a pleasure to look at, thank you Blaise!

  • Such a babe! She looks quite a lot like my girlfriend, she even has similar boobs and nipples. Wonder if she’s as good in bed... Her pussy definitely looks inviting...

  • Nice breasts, nice nipples too. Not to mention the spread eagle view of her meaty pussy. Mmm-mm delicious!

  • It’s difficult to describe what a perfect set of breasts look like but whenever I’m having the conversation with someone, I just show them some pictures of young blaise lovely bare tits that I have saved on my phone. They’re the right size for her body, perfect shape to them, well positioned on her chest, nipples well proportioned and nice and thick too. Just need to know what they feel like but they look reasonably firm but a little bit supple.

  • Although it’s great to see her with her tits out and legs spread, showing off her sweet little cunt, I wish we could see her poking herself. That meaty little pussy of hers would do well with a good fingering in an IM for us to watching and enjoy.

  • Lovely ripe young little breasts on this sweetheart. I could look at them for days! Nice to see her spread her legs and show us what her sweet little cunt looks like too.

  • She really does a cute face and great set of tits but I’d love to talk about her pussy for a bit, particularly her lovely little cunt. First off, it looks incredible! I love a cunt that is sightly thick and meaty, pushing her outter lips apart. That close up shot showing her cunt in full high resolution detail, every fold, wrinkle, colour and pube. Interestingly up the top of her cunt near her clit it almost seems as if she has two clitorial hoods but on closer inspection it’s a fold down the same hood. I can imagine her clit is quite large and prominent when she’s turned on the way her inner cunt flaps protrude out and then slowly blend from pink to brown as it gets closer to her pussy hole is just wonderful.

    I could probably draw her cunt from memory quite easily with the amount of time I’ve spent studying it.

  • Your sweet naked body and cute little tits are an absolute treat to look at. Love your meaty cunt lips too, nice of you to spread your legs for us and give a look at your pussy

  • Great set of flaps on this one!

  • Thank you so much for undressing completely and exposing your lovely perky young breasts, delightful erect nipples, beautiful bottom and your delicious shaven vagina. I have indeed thoroughly enjoyed your naked body.

  • My goodness, just look at the succulent, ripe little tits on this sweet young girl. And the delicious little cunt in between her legs. Yumm

  • Nice to see her getting her tits out for the boys and then going a step further and spreading her legs and pussy for the boys. Good girl. Nice tits and pussy

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