Blaire & Cleo - Abby Winters

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Age: 19
Height: 169,150
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Oh my god ! They day has finally come !!!
I get to fuck Cleo today and it is going to be fucking fantastic.
I feel like a little nervous girl with a crush !!
I have butterflies in my tummy im so excited !!!

After the Shoot :

Shooting with Cleo was amazing. We had some very sexy and passionate moments!
We tried something different today and it was very moody and dark !!
I can’t wait to see the video ! I think it is going to be fucking hot !!

Blaire for Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Finally !! The day has come that I get to fuck Blaire !
And I’m nervous as all hell !! After all the flirting and teasing our day of sex has arrived!
Can’t wait to tear her clothes off and get my hands on her !!

After the Shoot :

Exhausted ! Blaire and I had a very intimate and sensual shoot !!
The girls used moodier lighting and the shoot was very sultry ! Fucking hot !!
Maybe we can have some sex outside of the shoot.

Cleo for Abby Winters

  • Hey...Blaire and Cleo...daddy here wants to taste both of your young pussies...and to suck on your assholes and lick the cracks of your asses clean...and your assholes too....Want you both to pee in my mouth...and then turn me over pull my pants down and lube my asshole before shoving a strap on dildo or hand held dildo up my asshole as you take turns fucking daddy in his ass.....till I cum all over myself from your butt fucking me....

    Invite your mom or sisters to watch you fuck me in the ass too... If you are into phone sex....etc...toot me...
    want to make daddy your bitch girls?

  • You are both very lovely and your pubic area is perfect. Question-how do we find your video? the site does not list your names or a video with you. Thanks for showing how girls can have fun-Suzi

  • Really love your pussy, Cleo!

  • Chère Blaire,
    j’espère que tu as donné suite à la proposition de Cleo de vous revoir en dehors de cette séance de prises de vue, vous êtes vraiment faites pour vous entendre et je vois bien que vous pouvez vous passer d’un homme (de temps en temps...)

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