Ball Pit Girls - Abby Winters

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Age: 19
Height: 152-165
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Cassie : Can’t wait to play with the balls ! Kristen, zasha, keilyn and romana are hot property !
Romana : Today is the day of balls... and fun so let’s play ! excited and nervous...
Christen : Hey it’s christen I am really exited to play in the ball pit today :) It’s going to be so much fun !!
Zasha : Todays shoot is going to be a fun one. I like playing with balls. Feeling tired today but the excitment is starting to take over. These girls are going to be fun, everyone looks hot !!
Keilyn : pumped up, i like big balls and I can not lie ! playtime time awaits !

After the Shoot :

Cassie : the shoot was so much fun ! keilyn was an awesome competitor.. very foxy lady to. I love her and cant wait to see her again !
Romana : wrestling balls everywhere and soo much laugh ! Fantastic !!
Christen : this shoot in the ball pit was so much fun, and the other girls are great !
Zasha : It feels like it’s been a long day. Feeling a bit exhausted But it was sooo much fun !! I hurt my toe :( But it doesnt matter Balls are fun :)
Keilyn : That was flabtastic, also flaplicious ! Lots of love for my biatch cassie. I am tired never had so many balls in one room, should get out move ...

Ball Pit Girls for Abby Winters

  • zasha is absolutely beautiful - would love to see more pics of her

  • I think it’s well done that all five are so good looking, have so nice pussys, and have so nice and firm breasts. Zasha is the best, though. She is a true godess!

  • A great shoot & good to see young girls enjoying themselves naked. Zasha is such a pretty Asian though I’m puzzled as to why she only shows her anus in her solo & lesbian work? Abby Winters show some excellent, clear shots of their models’ arseholes & a few peeks at the girls’ rings would have complimented this peice. I enjoyed seeing Zasha finger her moist pussy in the solos & she clearly enjoys being in porn making our pricks hard using her wet vagina. She deserves her own site as there is an absence of Indians in porn.In a few solo shots she is beant forward while playing with her large moist labia & her brown rectum is there for all to see. Her attitude is so positive & her dusky anus deserves more perusal!

  • well zasha is one of the most beautifull girls in abbw winters valley.i think the thing with her is that she is very natural day to day life beauty and she deserves a better life good luck zasha

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