Backstage 591 @ Abby Winters

Manon and Zina had a very educational day together: after learning the perfect ways to give each other multiple intense orgasms, Manon attempted to teach Zina how to play the trumpet. Their naked giggles in these backstage photos indicate that Zina wasn’t quite getting the hang of it. But she’s quite skilled at doing other things with her mouth and fingers, judging from the satisfied hug Manon gives her in the afterglow. Zina then shows off her own special talent, using her bare feet to lift a delighted nude Manon high in the air!

This set also checks in on another dreamy girl-girl shoot starring elfin blonde Elin and raven-haired Marine. They fix each other’s contrasting hair in their pink bedroom, then devise some creative positions while having sex. Elin gets on all fours while Marine sits on her back, reaching between her friend’s legs to stroke her clit. Then, the girls lie face down next to each other, with their curvy bottoms side by side, and cast sultry looks over their shoulders. We also revisit Danya’s camping shoot in the forest, as she wears nothing but her sunglasses by the tent, and builds a roaring fire in the nude.

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