Asdyna @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I’m very excited to shoot for !

After the Shoot :

Hi again :p I liked a lot the photo shooting and i liked a lot the girls too, Michelle and Jacki.

Asdyna for Abby Winters

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    Asdyna.You are really a Venus
    As Venus you are really Asdyna
    I can’t describe with words, what is
    already described on pictures.

    But I’m already inspired to be a Poet.
    and tell you,I feel much better to be a Painter,
    then with the time I rarer be a Sculter.
    To ended this little song I would love tobe Your Man.

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    Asdyna is a goddess fallen down from heaven, her eyes are two emeralds and her body is something which stops thoughts. You are awesome Asdyna!!

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    Simply perfect!!

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    Nice to see her with her fingers up her bald cunt. Looking forward to watching her masturbate for us. Nice tits too. Her nipples are tanned which gives me the impression that she often has her tits out.

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