Annika @ Ersties

Annika is half Californian, half Swedish, and currently lives in Berlin. She’s a big fan of the sex club scene in the German capital, and as a creative sex toy innovator, she has a big heart for a bit of DIY in the bedroom.

Our Californian girl, Annika, gives a whole new meaning to the term DIY. In this guide to making your own sex toys, she showcases some of her favorite outfits, including some sexy latex lingerie sets. She then takes us through a DIY sex toy tutorial, demonstrating how to create a well-shaped dildo from cotton swabs and a book.

After showing us some creative toys, Annika undresses and begins to play with her new accessories. She gives herself a little spanking, then proceeds to pleasure herself, enjoying a dildo, riding it, and stimulating her clit until she reaches climax.

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