Anna T - Abby Winters

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Age: 18
Height: 172

Before the Shoot :

1st time for me ! It would be a lie to say i’m not scared but the people here are lovely. I’m hoping this will help me learn to love my body !

After the Shoot :

I’m really really tired. It was way more FUN ! Then I imagined the crew made me feel completely at ease with myself.

Anna T for Abby Winters

  • I think you should show us your pussy..

  • To be honest, after seeing these photos, I have to say that she’s probably the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in nude photography in a very long time. There’s a certain sense of innocence that could make a person appreciate her body, and a very warm sense of comfort that can make any person probably appreciate nudity a little bit more.

    Call me crazy, but I think she’s probably one of the most beautiful women on this site, but hey, I don’t look at much pornography or nude photography, so I suppose I’m not the best judge in the world.

  • a nice hairy pussy, she should show more of it

  • hi
    i love u
    my ..your ...
    so nice Anna T
    thanks baby

  • i dont know you,but i already love your body.

  • you look sweet and ripe for eating!!

  • Cute little tits babe. Pussy is quite nice too.

  • I do enjoy looking at this teenage girl get naked and show us her sweet young body. However there are not enough naked pictures of her. She’s got a decent bush on her pussy and a nice small set of tits on her, why not show them off for anyone to see? I like the how pale pink her nipples are and the size of her areola is perfect for the size and shape of her tits. She got nice feet and cute toes too but is mostly wearing socks. Although I have to admit the picture of her standing naked with her little tits and hairy pussy on display but her socks still on is kind of hot. Would love to see her spread her pussy lips and show us her young pink cunt. Maybe slide her fingers inside herself and masturbate for us.

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  • Hanne : Gorgeous eyes, cheeky smile. Just beautiful.
  • Claudia S & Lulu : I like how you have pictures of each of them performing on the other, from the same angles (...)
  • Allison : The woman is beautiful, reminds me of a former girlfriend, full of energy, playful in (...)
  • Zhen : Gorgeous; her professional stuff is spanktastic too. Talented girl.
  • Zhen : You so Beautiful.
  • Juliette M : Cool Spirited Away cards!
  • Jemma M : I too just love looking at Jemma naked. She was the perfect example of an Abby Winters girl. (...)
  • Jemma M : I just love looking at her naked. Enjoying her small supple tits, perky pink nipples, tight (...)
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