Anna L - Abby Winters

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Before the Shoot :

So I can’t wait to fool around with myself hehe. Hope you guys enjoy.

After the Shoot :

Its been a great day. I got to touch myself all day :) What could top that.

Anna L for Abby Winters

  • Your tits are simply perfect!

  • Love that hairy pussy ... mmm

  • You are absolutely beautiful. The video is sublime. I got so stiff seeing the close ups of your lovely fingers and equally lovely pussy. A joy to behold.

  • Anna,you are stunning. Watching you wanking is fantastic.

  • Very beautiful. Great to see you masturbating. Got me at it as well. Thanks.

  • Anna looks like just about one of the lovliest women you’d ever want to make love to.

  • Anna is extremely beautiful and so very very sexy.

  • Wow!!!! Just saw your videos...Just Amazing!!! Love the way you look and smile while doing it... Would be really nice to make love to you.

  • anna looks really sweet, horny she has breasts and a nice slightly hairy pussy

  • Delicious set of perky tits you have there anna. Nice perky nipples too. You also have such a cute sweet voice. I just love your beautiful young pussy. Nice meaty cunt and prominent clit. I like your masturbation technique and how you rub your clit but also love it when you thrust your fingers deep inside you tight pink pussy. Love all of your work Anna!

  • Nice set of cunt flaps on this lovely young Aussie girl. Big tits and small perky nipples are nice too. Love watching her finger herself and orgasm too.

  • Love this big titted young Aussie girl. The combination of big tits and small perky nips is amazing. Not a bad pussy on her either, love they way she fingers herself too. Perfect!

  • Beautiful handy breasts and a delicious pussy

  • I finally watched another girl masturbating the same as you Anna. Her name is Emster and she has a tight little pink pussy like yours too. Love your tits by the way, so big and perky

  • You just gotta love some of the ripe young tits you see on this site! The pussies as well, an incredible range of beautiful young pussies. Anna is a perfect example of a gorgeous young girl with a lovely pair of tits and nice looking cunt.

  • Wow, looking at her standing There naked, full frontal is a wonderful sight. I’m intrigued by her pussy, she doesn’t even have a front bum, just full blown meaty inner flaps and large clit holding her outer lips open. Tis wonderful to look at. Love those big juicy tits on her too especially with her hard little nipples. Thoroughly enjoyed watching her masturbate too.

  • Can’t stop looking at her pussy, it’s so interesting to study. I’ve never seen a cunt so meaty before. In fact her inner cunt flaps are so thick that it’s shaped the curvature of her outter pussy lips. And then there’s her clit, so big and prominent, not wanting to go unnoticed. It explains the interesting way she masturbates, it almost looks like she’s scratching her clit, but with a clit the size of hers you’d want to rub it the way she does.

    Must mention her tits too. What a marvelous pair of tits she has! Loved the video of her frolicking around on the bed and the way those big, firm tits bounced around. What a sight you are with no clothes on young lady!

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