Angie - Abby Winters

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Age: 23
Height: 158

Before the Shoot :

I’m really excited about shoting today !
It is the last shoot before I move to Paris, France .. and who better to do it with than the amazing photographer I did my first shot with ... cHARLI !
She is awesome I also have some great dildos to work with ... I’m going to have some anal pleasure and hopefully some amazing orgasms !

After the Shoot :

Fuck !! That was awesome ! I had the most amazing time.
Really, really intense orgasms and anal pleasure !
Mmm I love havaving a bubble bath and getting all WET !

Angie for Abby Winters

Forum posts

  • whoohooo, what a beautiful girl

  • give my pic you angie

  • love ur tits angie and ur body u have a great body and set off tits cant stop looking at ur pics really love them hope to see more off ya

  • Angie is a natural - pretty next-door-girl face, fantastic bod, & those tits are amazing, absolutely breathtaking. Her boyfriend is a lucky guy, especially if she shows him her gorgeous hairy cunt like she does in these pics, before they make love. She seems to enjoy showing us all how she pulls back those succulent cunt lips & inserts the dildo. She has a pussy to die for. Hope she keeps that bit of hair on her fanny, & maybe even grow a bit more back. Nothing more horny than a voluptuous girl with big tits having a hairy pussy.Let’s see more of Angie please. She gets my 5/5 vote.

  • Angie, you are the most beautiful girl in this page, no one like you, I´M YOUR FAN 1, I LOVE YOU

  • Your arsehole is so perfect!

  • Beatiful, sexy, sweet, super woman

  • Absolutely gorgeous!!

    Great photo’s!

  • I just love how hairy your pussy is. Those voluptuous, saggy breasts are to die for too.

  • nice...........

  • WOW Angie... You’re Gorgeous... Such a sexy face, nice big tits... Yeah, I’d definitely give you a go... ;) Gorgeous!!

  • Large yet diamond tight asshole and bubblegum pink pussy to match with giant tits and perfect smile.

  • Angie i love you...
    Give some Photo.....

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