Anessa - Abby Winters

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Age: 18
Height: 160
City: Sydney

Before the Shoot :

I am looking forward to the shoot.
I’m feeling excited, but I think its going to be fun.

After the Shoot :

Was a great experience. I loved it and felt very comfortable.
Thanks girls, I’ll never forget this day...
Would do it again!

Anessa for Abby Winters

  • Your a fun girl, enjoy life, you have a very beautifull body take care of it. Cheers- Suzi

  • My partner Sarah always likes to pick which girls I might be interested in, & she picked right with you Anessa. Must be nice to be just 18 & getting money so young for showing everyone your lovely tits & gorgeous pussy. Sarah was right that out of any shaved pussies yours would turn me on (I am usually into hairy ones).She commented you had a "lovely meaty cunt" when I called her over to have a look at your pics, & that she could imagine me burying my tongue in it. I like especially the 2nd last pic with one leg in the air and your shaved cunt mound well exposed, with just that little whisp of pussy hair. Would be nice to see my Sarah parting your cunt lips and licking you out as I kneel down & you suck on my penis. The thought of my cock in your mouth is a big turn on, as you have such a pretty, girl-next-door face. But I would want to then drop my sperm all over your beautiful tits. You are an absolute doll, Anessa.

  • Geoff is getting off sooo much on you Anessa, I have to pull him off while he talks to me about your pics. He loves that one with your leg up in the air, dirty devil! (him, not you). But I agree, your pubic mound is lovely & I would enjoy what he said if it could only happen — that is me to go down on you — Have had a 3some with a young woman in the past, & was very arousing.Sarah.

  • You have a beautful pussy, and great bobos! But do some topless sunbathing before the next shot! :)

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  • Hanne : Gorgeous eyes, cheeky smile. Just beautiful.
  • Claudia S & Lulu : I like how you have pictures of each of them performing on the other, from the same angles (...)
  • Allison : The woman is beautiful, reminds me of a former girlfriend, full of energy, playful in (...)
  • Zhen : Gorgeous; her professional stuff is spanktastic too. Talented girl.
  • Zhen : You so Beautiful.
  • Juliette M : Cool Spirited Away cards!
  • Jemma M : I too just love looking at Jemma naked. She was the perfect example of an Abby Winters girl. (...)
  • Jemma M : I just love looking at her naked. Enjoying her small supple tits, perky pink nipples, tight (...)
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