Amy J - Abby Winters

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Age: 23
Height: 160
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

It’s hot very hot bugs every where, with the sound of birds and running water.
Beautiful day to get naked. Though I’m nervous but with a touch of excitement. The grils are beautiful and easy to hang with so it should be a good day, not sure what’s gunna happen but I’ll just improvise !

After the Shoot :

The day wasn’t what I expected, just like a picnic only NUDE. The team was excellent made me feel comfortable .. appreciated !!! Hope to see u all again soon ! :)

Amy J for Abby Winters

  • A very beautiful girl, very lovely breasts, nut too much pubic hair. Pubic hair hids the ultimate female charm, her cute pussy. You have a beautiful smile and natural poise. So enjoy life you will a fun companion for whoever you choose to be with- Cheers- Carla

    • "too much pubic hair. Pubic hair hids the ultimate female charm, her cute pussy"

      I’d have to disagree, you can see everything, especially when she opens her legs wide or pulls open her labia.

      I think Amy’s pubic hair makes her cunt very attractive. That lovely moist, pink slash through her dark pubic area.

    • No, no, please don’t shave yourself, Amy. Even among Abby girls a quim as hairy as yours, not just on your mons but all around your sex, is none too common. You look fantastic.

      Shaved pussy quickly gets boring.

  • Beautiful face, beautiful smile, beautiful body - Amy, you are beautiful!

  • Amy J is for me the most devine girl :) i only look at happy porn (on the rare occations i actually look) and Amy just looks beautiful and happy. There are of course lots of lovely girls on AW but she’s the one who makes my heart beat fast xxxx Stay beautiful, i’m off to write a song about you! ha ha Julian X X

  • you smile is délicious, your eyes are magnificients and your hairy pussy is son sweet
    Amy you are the best

  • No Panties and an adorable simile. I wanna be Amy’s blue jeans so I can hug her cute little love slit all day long. Your one sexy woodsy rebel Amy!

  • With tits like yours you should definately shave your pussy. That would make you irresistable!

  • A total package; what a body and what a lady. EXCELLENT

  • The most beautiful pussy in the world...

  • Great looking girl with all the hairy charms nature intended. There is nothing sexier than a natural girl and Amy has nature in abundance. Keep it natural keep razors away.

  • Amy J: A pleasure to see your beauty.

  • No hagas caso a la sugerencia de afeitarte . Esta muy bien asi . Ademas debe conservar un aroma unico. Gracias

  • Amy J is gorgeous, and her hairy pussy is sooo horny. An open message to AW viewers and staff:I remember years ago AW had a site page called "Match the Snatch", where you had to guess which AW girl’s face belonged to the close-up pussy shots. That was a very horny concept, and a lot of fun. Well, I think a lot of men are always curious about whether a woman has a hairy pussy, whether she shaves a bit (eg. landing strip, etc.) or whether she is fully shaved. My preference is for a nice hairy pussy, like Amy J’s. Anyway, it has for a long time been my own little fantasy game trying to guess - with woman I meet - whether they are hairy or shave. It is amazing how many women will tell you in online dating chats when you ask them. Ok, just an idea, maybe AW could have a "guess whether hairy or shaved" page - from a pic of the girl with clothes on, and then when you click on to a "hairy" or "shaved" link, her snatch appears - and you get a point if you are correct. It would be pretty horny I would think - of course would only work on new girls, or most of us would already know the answers. Give it some thought, AW.

  • Gorgeous. I love the pussy close-up shot, a real work of art.

  • What delicious soft young tits on this beautiful young Australian. Fabolous hairy pussy too, nice long thick pubes, delightful tight pink cunt that she spreads open for us before sliding her fingers inside herself and giving us a nice view of her pretty little asshole. The tits on her though are so lovely, perfect for a fondle, nice size and shape topped off with perfectly proportioned pink nipples. The videos of her masturbating can’t download fast enough!

  • Holy heck, look at the pussy on this young babe. Her pubes are so long and thick and then we’re treated to find her tight pink wet cunt hiding amongst her bush. Even better when she spreads her legs for us and opens her juicy little cunt right up as she begins to finger herself. Rather pleased to watch her masturbating fully naked. She’s also got a decent set of soft little tits on her too. Love how pale and white they are with nice pink nipples.

  • Oh and I love her pretty little asshole too

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