Amanita & Flo @ Ersties

Amanita, the brunette from Hamburg, embarks on a blind date set up by the Ersties editorial team. Meeting Flo from Berlin in a cozy café in the Neukölln district, their encounter begins with shared apple strudel and escalates to passionate kisses in the hallway. As for what happens next? Witness the unfolding story for yourself.

The anticipation and nerves were palpable leading up to this shoot. The Ersties team took a leap of faith, acting as matchmakers for this project. Encountering the charming Flo in the vicinity of their Berlin office weeks ago, they couldn’t resist the spontaneous idea of setting him up with Amanita, sensing a potential connection between the two. Amanita embraced the thrill of a blind date and embarked on a train journey to Berlin.

With a reservation at a romantic café known for its delectable apple strudel, the team hoped for the best outcome. Curious about the outcome of their date? Brace yourself for a shoot that not only oozes sensuality but also keeps you on the edge of your seat with suspense.

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