Amalia P & Diego D @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Amalia P : Hey there. Today we’re going to start shooting with my boy Diego D. I’m so happy to have come here but also kind of nervous. We’ve been skating together to relax. And exploring the city a lil bit. I hope we have a lot of fun so you can enjoy it too.
Diego D : In this moment I have a lot of feelings inside. First : the happiness that I feel visiting, exploring and skating on Amsterdam steets with my beautiful girl friend Amalia P. But on the other hand I’m pretty nervous because of the shoot since it is my first time in front of the camera but I know that with ’mi Amorcito’ everything is goin to be perfect.
After the Shoot :
Amalia P : Hey, now I’m feeling pretty relaxed. I think we’ve got some awesome shots. We enjoyed a lot to go to skate. It was a beautiful day. And I love to be with my baby Diego D.
Diego D : I’m feeling really happy because for this shoot. We had sex in a totally new way and although the cameras intimidated me a little but ... at the end ’Mi Amorcito’ was satisfied and happy. And if Amalia is happy I’m happy.
Amalia P & Diego D for Abby Winters

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    Amalia is so gorgeous and natural with her extensive facial acne, miniscule breasts and hairy vulva and anus. You can see how much she loves having her vagina filled by Diego’s plump swollen penis from the delight on her face as she takes his manhood inside her body from different angles and how she is constantly pinching her pert erect nipples. Worth checking out the full set in which Amalia gets her lover to lick out her hairy sweaty genitals, finger her tight hairy anus while his penis is thrusting into her vagina, and see his milky semen dripping from her moist hairy vulva.

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    It’s such a rare thing to see a girl v boy shoot on AW, that it’s an absolute delight to see a beautiful girl getting willied by her man.

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