Alison J - Abby Winters

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Age: 20
Height: 164

Before the Shoot :

I’m just a little nervous. But it’s all right because there are just girls. J’aime faire ce genre de truc juste par experience mais j’avoue que je me rejouis que celle ci soit passée...

After the Shoot :

It’s very cool and very funny. Thanks for the experience.
C’est vraiment cool et tres fun. Merci pour l’experience.

Alison J for Abby Winters

Forum posts

  • I love the first image of you holding your tits with your legs do it for me.
    Hope to see more soon.

  • She speaks French! Ooh La La!

  • Crazy about your lovenest. Just the right amount of hair, very beautiful.

  • You have a great sex appeal! Wonderful pussy, but not that wonderful breasts. At least not in such a long range.

  • hairy and wet, just lovely

  • Very Beautiful, but shave off the hair.

  • Ooh La La! Please leave the hair. It’s just a little wisp of natural beauty.

    Shun the porn industry and keep it natural. It’s a scent trap and part of a woman’s attraction.

  • Alison J: Yes perfect natural beauty.

  • No Alison, don’t shave your pussy please!!! Hairy is sexier - looks so horny, and horny to explore with the fingers. I love rubbing my cheek on a hairy girls pussy, just lightly - before having a nice long lick. A hairy snatch is also more fun to open up to see what’s inside, nice pink that contrasts with the hair. Beautiful gal.

  • First time nerves but you still took off all your clohes and posed with your legs open.


  • Tu as un joli minois (visage délicat et gracieux...)ce qui est très important puisque tu le montres à tout le monde et tu peux en être fière. Même si je ne suis pas un amateur de piercings, je ne retrouve absolument rien à redire à tes jolis seins, copieux et fermes. Ton envie de vivre des "expériences" se lit bien sur ton visage très malicieux. Bon vent !

  • Very sexy girl. Don’t shave of...more hair is better. It is there for good and its also a scent trap like someone else stated. And nothing is sexier to a man than smelling a clean and creamy pussy.

  • She’s very yummy.

  • Wow, great set of tits, so ripe and perky with sweet pink nipples. Live her hairy pussy too and how her pink cunt lips are wide open so we can see up inside her pussy, her inner flaps and nice little clit. Nice view of her pretty little asshole too. What a gorgeous young French girl.

  • Truly, that is a butt that won’t quit

  • Her tits are quite nice. Love her hairy pink pussy too, her cunt slit is all wet and ready.

  • Nice pair of small perky tits on the young little French girl. Bet they’re nice and firm, fun to grope. Nice nipples too. I love her hairy French pussy too. Her cunt flaps are almost non-existent, just a straight pussy hole. So beautiful. Cute feet and nice toes too

  • Fabulous, perfect tits and very sexy... MMMmmm

  • One of the nicest little pussies I’ve seen. Nice, tight, pink, little bit wet, pussy flaps are nice and tidy with nothing hanging out and topped off with some nice dark pubic hair stretching from her pussy all the way around to her asshole.

    Tits on her are quite nice too, full and perky with decent nipples.

  • lovely body great breasts /pussy.

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