Alicia G & Rafael @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Alicia G : So happy to be here ! It’s my first time, hope I don’t get nervous about it. Can’t wait to do this, let’s get started !
Rafael : It is my very first time in front of a professional shoot producer. I have experience doing sex in front of people so I hope I can flow and express my vision of sex the way I want.
After the Shoot :
Alicia G : I had an awesome time doing this ! I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Rafael : I’ve really enjoyed the full experience and I could showed you all my passionate connection with my partner. Now I want to tell all my friends to do this. Sure we will repeat in the future.
Alicia G & Rafael for Abby Winters

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    Like many women, Alicia seems to get particularly horny when she is menstruating and she is lucky to find a lover willing to fuck her on her period. Worth checking out the full set, in which we see Alicia pulling on her tampon string, before she forces her lover to lick out her vulva and slides her slippery pussy over his erect organ. Great to see Rafael’s swollen penis covered in Alicia’s menstrual blood and vaginal juices, before he withdraws and slides his stained cock between her buttocks until he squirts semen over her bottom.

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