Alexa - Abby Winters

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Age: 21 | Height: 167 cm | Sagittarius
Debut date: 31 Jul 2016
Total shoots: 1
30m / 1 video clips
307 images in 2 image sets

Before the Shoot :

I’m very excited. This is my first time nacked in front the Camera. Unforgotten DAY !

After the Shoot :

Such a day ! It has been a fun and delicious experience. I enjoyed the park !

Alexa for Abby Winters

Forum posts

  • First time naked in front of a camera ... mmm, always an extra turn-on.

    Alexa looks great. A nice natural looking lass (no piles of make-up and silly drawn eye-brows), and prettily cute. Well worth seeing her naked too. Lovely big soft tits and when she opens her legs a superbly hairy cunt ... a very enjoyable sight.

    Hope Alexa comes back again, and I’d love to see her open up her pink slit and give us a nice pose showing off her gaping vagina. That would make her perfect :-)

  • wow, you are nice

  • Mmmm I just love the chest on this cute young lady. Her full white tits are busting to fall out of her top and when they do we’re given a view of her perfect, firm and perky young tits with perfectly proportioned pink nipples. It gets better as she takes her pants off and pulls down her undies showing us her delicious thick bush. As she spreads her legs for us we can see her tight young pussy through her long dark pubes. She gives us a nice view of how pink and wet her tight young cunt is. Would love to see her in an IM fingering herself.

  • Looking at the firm young tits and delightfully hairy pussy on this lovely young teenager isn’t enough. I’d love to grope those delicious looking tits of hers that are hanging out of hey top. I’d love to pinch those sweet pink nipples of hers while fondling her breasts. I’m impressed that you can see her cunt lips through that thick bush of pubes between her legs. I can only imagine how wet her gaping pink pussy must get when she fingers herself or even when someone is playing with those nice young tits of hers.

  • Gosh, she has done if the perkiest, ripest sets of tits on the site topped off with wonderfully round and hard pink nips. One could only imagine playing with and squeezing that incredible chest of hers. To make it even better we’re gifted to a beautiful sight between her legs of her deliciously hairy pussy. Hope to see her masturbating in an IM

  • One of the most delicious, gropable sets of tits on the internet. Nice hairy muff too, does she finger her pussy in the full video? I might buy her set just to find out.

  • Really hoping to see this young American girl come back and masturbate for us. I can’t think of anything better then to see her spread her legs, open that lovely pink hairy cunt of hers and start sliding her fingers in and out of her young wet pussy. I can imagine the sound her wet pussy would make as she fingers herself while she’s moaning with pleasure. This nice full breasts of hers would jiggle around quite nicely too. She might even caress her tits with one hand while she’s knuckle deep in her pussy with the other. Please come back for an im so we can watch you masturbating Alexa.

  • Great set of norks on her. Does she masturbate her pussy in the video? It rub her tits? Pinch her nipples? Would love a few hours alone with her.

  • I’ve seen some nice tits on this website but none quite like the tits on this model. Nice big juicy juicy breasts with sweet pink nipples, perfectly proportioned to her abundant chest.

  • Send me your wet panty..

  • Does she masturbate in her video? I’ll pay for a subscription if I can see her fingering her hairy cunt and having an orgasm.

  • Nice to see her sitting back naked with her legs spread showing off her pussy and cunt flaps sightly parted. Hey perky, ripe young tits out on display too :)

  • This cute young American Girl has a flawless cunt between her legs, it’s been thoroughly enjoyable to study in detail especially in amongst all her thick long pubes. Incredible set of tits on her too. Need to share he pictures/video with some friends that will also enjoy looking at her naked body.

  • Omg I wish she’d bring that sweet hairy American pussy back so we can watch her get naked show us her get those big perky tits out and spread her legs with her hairy cunt out on display again. Maybe next time we can watch her finger that tight little cunt of hers too, that would be nice to see.

  • Just watched her video, watching her jump rope naked was so sexy. Such s genius idea to get a girl with a big set of tits like that to jump rope. I loved watching them bounce and jiggle around! Then the close up shots of her pussy were brilliant too. Nice of her to pull her ass checks apart so we can take a look at her lovely pink little asshole. Then right below she spreads her cunt lips apart so we can see her juicy wet pink cunt. There was a decent amount of pussy juice built up around her clit too which is so hot. It was interesting to see how hairy her pussy region is, not just on the front but between her legs and around her asshole is all really hairy. Which more time was spent on close ups of her delicious cunt though.

  • Wow!! Check out the pussy on this one! You could stuff a pillow with her cunt hairs. Love her delicious wet cunt in amongst all those pubes too. Decent set of tits on her too! Great to see this young American girl get naked.

  • Wish she’d come back and get naked for us again. So grateful that she’d do willingly get naked and show the world her big ripe bare tits, hairy pussy and meaty, wet cunt lips. I just want to see her fingering herself now and having a juicy wet orgasm.

  • Love the variety of girls on this site. Such a range of tits and pussies to look at, something to suit any taste. The tits and pussy on this model are particularity appealing to me.

  • Damn look at the pubic hairs sprouting up out of her pussy. One of the thickest bushes I’ve seen in a while and but a bad looking pussy in general. Tits are looking very good too. Just imagine what they’d be like all full of milk. One little tap and get nipples will be squirting.

  • Pretty pink little cunt hole on her. Has anyone noticed how her pussy is covered in pubes, then the bit between her legs and pussy has no pubes, then there’s a thin line of pubes again near her upper thigh. It looks like a ring of pubes around her cunt, it’s really quite interesting.

  • Jesus, those are some nice looking teats! Not a bad pussy either.

  • Whoever has the idea to make this big titted babe get naked and jump rope is a genius! I just loved watching her big jugs bouncing around like that, especially with that impressively hairy pussy out on display too. A few more shots of her juicy wet cunt would have been good but still what we did get was good enough.

  • Hope to see her come back and finger her hairy wet cunt, perhaps even insert some objects up her pussy which seems to be a popular theme on the site lately. Honestly I think she’d look really hot with a hairbrush or banana hanging out of her cunt while she rubs those lovely big tits of hers.

  • It’s really nice to see young girls with a hairy pussy these days. Although this young American girl has some nice shapely cunt lips that would no doubt look wonderful if left uncovered from bush if she had a bald pussy, I much rather her cunt covered in the thick dark pubes she’s grown. Nice tits to.

  • There’s a good selection of breasts in this site but this young lady definitely takes the prize for best breasts. Not too small, not to large, perfect nipples, very fresh and perky. They’re good enough for me!

  • "Alexa, show me your tits."
    "Mmmm, I don’t understand that question."
    "Alexa, do you like sex?"
    "Sects are groups of people with alternative religious beliefs."
    "Alexa, tell me about your holes."
    "I have two holes around the back. One is a USB port..."

  • Nice to see her naked. Should’ve taken full advantage of getting her on the internet with no clothes on though. For example, she has a great big set of firm tits, it’s be great to make her shake then around a bit more. She’s clearly happy to spread her legs open and show off her pussy hole so why not get her to finger herself so we can watch her get even more wet and have an orgasm

  • I’d like to watch while she weighs her tits, I reckon they’re at least 2kg each!

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