Alba & Maia @ Abby Winters

Slender Alba and curvy Maia kiss each other tenderly. Alba places her hand on Maia’s large breasts as Maia firmly grabs Alba’s thigh while lifting her skirt.
As they take off their tops they press their breasts against each other’s while grabbing firmly their bums. Sitting in the upper part of the couch, Alba guides Maia’s head between her legs while she gives her a seductive look through her glasses. They start fingering each other at the same time before tribbing passionately.

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    alba is such a cutie... love her beak nose!

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    Alba is an all time favorite. Beautiful brunette. Big firm perky tits. Tight perfect shaped pussy. Sexy she mixed up her kitty fur, prefer my girlfriend to do too when in long term relationship. Always prefer either trimmed or more natural (as long trimmed bikini line). Best mix is what she has here...a tight kitty with a sweet lush bush!

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