Adelina & Francisca @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Adelina : A sunny day in an amazing house with such a beautiful girl, what more coould I ask for ? haha Francisca and I have a really good feeling together, this is gonna be a fantastic day !
Francisca : I just met Adelina and I already feel very comfortable. We can talk Portugues omgg how amazing is that for me. I have good feeling for today. I let you know hihihi
After the Shoot :
Adelina : Woww ! I am totally shocked with Francisca. She’s so passionate and active ! We did many funny stuff that I wanst expect ! Enjoy !
Francisca : Hey !!! What a day again. And what a good challenge it was to have sex on the hammock I love it and Adelina ..... wowwww She is sooo swet
Adelina & Francisca for Abby Winters

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