Satine - Abby Winters

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Age: 21 | Height: 167 cm | Pisces

Before the Shoot :

It’s lovely to be here again ! I always have fun shooting for these guys and today is no different ! I’m sad because Patience is leaving soon and she is sooo much fun ! I’ll have to make sure today is extra fun !

After the Shoot :

Had a super duper fun day !!! I am now all "Tuckered Out" as Chloe likes to say ! I don’t think I could manage anymore shooting today so I’m going to chill, eat and then get some slee ... zzz zzz

Satine for Abby Winters

  • you are a gorgeous sexy young woman. any man would consider himself very lucky to have sex with you.

  • Satine never fails to get my temperature to rise and something else for that matter.

  • The joy of Satine is that she looks just like a normal girl, almost reserved, but in fact she loves sex and loves us seeing her indulge in all areas of erotic pleasure.

  • Oh yes baby; I’d say that you have a clear understanding of what folks want to see & your posing tells it all, thanks!!! I am in absolute appreciation, You are awesome...

  • Satine is so lovely and exciting. She has such a nice easy-going quality to her that’s very appealing. Such a beautiful girl!

    • Satine, you are really one of the most adorable women in the Abby Winters Universe....I love your natural body and your friendly smile. But it’s a pity that you have shaved your beautiful pubic hair.

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  • Emilie S : Lovely trimmed bush
  • Emilia : What a gorgeous furry arsehole.
  • Vera F : Love the bush style
  • Adela : What an inviting slit
  • Anastasia D : Lovely trimmed snatch.
  • Leslie : Leslie is mega cute and what a delicious little bumhole she has.
  • Catalina & Esmerelda : I am a gay man but I appreciate a good nude
  • Katharina : Wow......perfect. what a beautiful woman.
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