Rebecca D - Abby Winters

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Age: 19
Height: 172
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

This is my first time - Yes my first - But I am popping with excitement rrrrr :)
Lets get naked now ! Right now !

After the Shoot :

Yummy fun fun fun !

Rebecca D for Abby Winters

  • Your a beautiful credit to females. Your one of the reasons Australia is a wonderful place to visit. Keep enjoying life and take care of your lovely female body.Cheers- Bob

  • U should have left the boots on for the whole shoot..what a gal!!

  • Thank you hun, you are wonderful! And thank you Science for inventing the internet!!!

  • Você é muito linda. Venha visitar o Brasil.
    You are very beautiful. Will visit Brazil.
    FJ - Brazil

  • Rebecca - what a body, love the arse and simply gorgeous pussy.

  • What a fantastic arse and beautiful pussy lips, also love the faint tan lines under that arse. Beautiful eyes. Superb female form

  • Rebecca... There’s NOTHING negative about you! It’s always something with every girl, but I can’t find anything wrong with you. Your pussy is one of the most beautiful I’v seen, and that hair dot is just tantalizing!

    Your boobs are perhaps not the biggest, but I like that, and your nipples are totally perfect!

    And last but not least, you are a very goodlooking girl! Very few of the AW girls are, but you are really pretty!

  • Every Inch of your Body is a Dream. You are the sweetes Girl from this Abby Page!

  • Just when I thought it was safe to check out Abby Winters and not always have to wank, along comes Rebecca! If I passed her in the street I would think what a gorgeous girl, but would never suspect she would be the type to show off her pussy to the world. I love her Chaplin-esque cunt-lips, with the horny tash at the top. Rebecca is so horny,she makes this shoot more rude than a lot of other girls who go the whole bit and part their pussy lips with their fingers. For example, the shot with her legs in the air, and her beautiful face looking at us while her lickable cunt is on show. Her twat looks like a freshly-baked bun ready to be creamed. Then there’s the pic of her raising one leg and looking back at us - I feel I can almost reach out and touch that beautiful snatch of hers. I also love the two shots of her sitting down facing us, with legs apart. What a combination for pulling one’s stiff cock - looking at her absolutely beautiful face, and her cunt in the same shot - fantastic, she seems so happy to show off that pussy, and so she should, and yet she is only 19.Not sure I could survive a photoshoot of Rebecca doing the "Whole Finger Monty" and pulling back her pussy lips or fingering herself - but I would be willing to risk it. Hope she will consider that in future. Maybe the best gal on AW I have seen.10 out of 5.

  • Can’t take my eyes off her incredible eyes and face - and her fantastic snatch. Would love to see her sspread it open sometime.

  • Absolutely gorgeous, big brown eyes, small firm tits and the one to send me over the top everytime that stunning pussy with a little tuft of fur and bum with the faint tan lines. More please. Rob

  • please more i can’t have enough of

  • a sweet beautiful model with the most beautiful feet esp. those smooth soles.

  • a dream of a woman, perfect breasts and a super horny pussy

  • perfection of woman I have ever seen here. beautiful small breasts and a really tasty pussy

  • Ready to get naked too with you, Rebecca, your pussy is so divine, would love to be in there giving you maximum pleasure

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