Patricia B - Abby Winters

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Age: 20
Height: 157

Before the Shoot :

Am excited but a little bit nervous. It’s my first shoot so i can’t wait to see how everything goes ! I think it will be alot of fun from what everyone has told me. Everyone here has been so friendly so far, i can’t wait to start.

After the Shoot :

I had so much fun ! It was alot easier then i thought it would be and alot of fun ! I really hope to come back and do more with abbywinters.

Patricia B for Abby Winters

  • Oh if you only knew how badly my body craves your beautiful body. My eyes desire to look upon your cute smile & fairness in all its glory.

    Patricia you are Beautiful.

  • what a lovely pair of tits you have!!!

  • Amazing... made me cum so many times... thank you. I would do anything for this girl. WOW......

  • Lovely girl, great figure, amazing breasts, the pics of her dropping her knickers got me hard but...

    I have to be honest, oh I know I’m picky and it’s not fair on such a lovely girl, I’d need her to open her legs before I’d cum properly over her pictures.

    Sorry Patricia, it’s up to you of course, but I’d definitely have another go if you were to do another photoshoot and spread your hairy cunt for us. I bet you’d look fantastic... here’s to hope! :-)

  • I love the videos of Patricia masturbating. She has a gorgeous face and magnificent breasts.

  • Patricia For You My Dear,

    "Angel Wings"

    Your Angel Wings Are So Unique I Long To Feel Them Brush
    My Cheek To See You Spread Them And Soar So High
    Higher Than The Mountain Climbs Through The Clouds They
    Pass You By Within Your Eyes The Bright Blue Sky
    The Morning Sun Has Kissed The Day My God, You Take My
    Breath Away To See Such Beauty Is To Inspire For
    Tis’ You That I Admire Back To Earth Is Where You’ll
    Land And Your Beauty Will Forever Span Of All
    The Wonders That You Bring I Long To Feel Your
    Angel Wings

    • "IF"
      If I could write a poem, for you to read, I pray,
      The words would flow like Vino,
      In a metrosexual way.

      And I try so hard, to make it sound,
      Like I am cultured and elite,
      But really I am just fugly,
      With stinky Hobbit feet.

      So fear not my love, my cherub of delight,
      Enjoy the doggerel poetry,
      That pleaseth thou with sight.

      "Enough!" they cry, when bored of reading verse,
      Cos, bullshit is just bullshit,
      Oh, bugger, was that too terse?

  • Those boobs are so nice!

  • Very pretty face, perfect tits, nice bum, lovely fanny only thing to improve would be if you had your legs open.


  • Lovely natural girl, and the most amazing tits in the world!

  • Fabulous breasts! But I agree with the earlier comments: we need to see some spread cunt! I bet its gorgeous!

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  • Evelina : Nice hairy pussy!
  • Estefania : Wet and nice hairy pussy!
  • Emilia : armpit hair, glasses, sweet breast and a nice bush. I love this girl!
  • Emeralda : Nice Tits, nice pussy, nice girl!
  • Elizabeth S : So beautiful. Freckles, armpit hair and round breasts.
  • Elizabeth M : Beautiful eyes an armpit hair
  • Elga : A Dreamgirl. Very beautiful!
  • Narida : Nice pussy on this cute young lady. Nice long dark pubes and delicious cunt and pussy lips. (...)
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