Noelle - Abby Winters

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Age: 23
Height: 164
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Today’s shoot is at a beach, so I’m pretty excited about that.
Thankfully the weather is good today so we should get some nice photos.
I’m working with Toby and Patience again which is most rad. Love. Those. Girls.

After the Shoot :

What a gorgeous day !
The beach was absolutely perfect.
I had an awesome time with the crew again, and look forward to my next shoot.
I love Abby Winters

Noelle for Abby Winters

  • i love this type of pussy with flaps... the ones with no flaps look boring i get horny just looking at your pussy.

  • red pubic hair is so damn sexy!

  • absolutely beautiful woman. Head to toe and everywhere in between, you are breathtaking, Noelle.

  • You must get some amazing comments when boys first see you with your clothes off Noelle. Well, apart from your damn good looks all over there’s that wonderful red hairy pussy, well, magnificent with those ’outie’ lips. Would be nice to be a fly on the wall in your bedroom & see your boyfriend pull himself off and drop his sperm across your cunt flaps and into your pussy hair. You are absolutely gorgeous Noelle. Sid.

  • I spent the night attempting to jack off, and accidentally fell in love. Noelle you are beautiful in every definition of the word, clothes on or off, and it literally gives me hope that there’s a girl like you walking around somewhere. You are everything that makes the world an alright place to be, and I can’t help but adore you. I know I sound stupid and overly romantic, but I have to stress that I have never seen anyone as lovely as you. Noelle you make me happy.

  • Baby you are so beautiful (especially with red down under) but you need to get your teeth fixed.

  • If only every trip to the beach led to meeting someone as delightful as Noelle. You’ve got wonderful hair on top and down below. And to see your majestical pussy lips being spread with all those lovely pubes everywhere was great.

  • Noelle, you are a natural beauty. I love that you kept your pubic hair. too many girls today shave it. It is part of your beauty.
    Not sure where to place you on the scale, ten is as high as it goes, and you rate higher.

  • Noelle is a sheer delight from top to bottom. And what a bottom.

  • Great 5 star but you don’t need to part your lips to look sexy. Loved the natural red hair, it looks so soft and kissable.

  • Perfect, perfect pussy lips. Amazing.

  • A gorgeous girl with a phenomenal sex.

    Only thing is, those briefs are so unfeminine - and it’s the same with quite a lot of other Abby photosets. I know tastes differ, but can’t we see more models wearing "normal" teen girl panties and bras?

  • tres tres belle dommage qu’il n’y a pas plus de photos

  • The close-up picture of Noelle’s pussy lips in their natural state is one of the most beautiful pics i’ve seen in a while. Wonderful photography (lighting, focus) and Noelle should feel very lucky to be blessed with such an attractive & inviting set of labia!

  • You are a princess, Noelle. A princess.

  • Magnifique jeune femme. Je me demande si vous faite des séance photos en France ou en Europe et si oui, ou et quand ?
    Avez vous un blog ou website officiel a votre nom ?

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