Katia - Abby Winters

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Age: 26
Height: 157
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Is good to go !

Katia for Abby Winters

  • good pose loking sexy want fucking

  • I could eat that ginger pussy all day and all night long.

  • That is one gorgeous ginger pussy, Katia! You are beautiful all over, but men go crazy over hairy ginger micks, especially one like yours with its scrumptious inner lips that stand out. I agree with some of the above, I could lick it until dawn. I think seeing you pee would also be an amazing thing, the sight of the piss coming out from your succulent cunt lips would be horny beyond belief. Maybe you could consider doing that in a future AW set. Dave.

  • Beautiful correl pink thick pussy lips... I just wish i could nuzzle in pushing the hair aside and suck your pink flaps and clit off...! 5/5

  • I think that 4th last pic of Katia’s fantastic hairy pussy should be painted & hung in an art gallery - that is superlative sensual erotica, or maybe skip the painting & hang it as it is. What an absolutely horny pussy. My erection at the sight of it attests to that. She is gorgeous all over, but she gets a 5/5 from me just for that shot alone. Geoff.

  • I like Katia - seems the type of lovely girl who I could gladly share with my partner (Geoff) - & he is rapt in her, no doubt because of her gorgeous hairy pussy, the devil. But he is deeper than that I know, & I am sure he would like her for most of her other attributes too - like, there’s a certain ’knowing-ness’ that comes through these photos, maybe due to Katia’s post-teen age: A certain something that the extremely young just can’t emulate or put across. Mind you, I am with Geoff with that pussy of hers. Would like to see him caress Katia there before making love to me (& maybe her later). I think I would also like to touch her there too - her inner lips are intriguing. Mine are more discrete (& more hairy). Would be curious how Katia’s lips feel.I think I have got Geoff rather horny writing this, so am in for a fun night. Sarah.

  • I love this girl, she nice and sexy. She has a great ass.

  • What a lovely, beautiful girl. She really is.

  • I love redheads i am inlove with you

  • Katia a ha terrific body - Perfect! She is so beautiful.

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