Jocelyn K & Sian GG - Abby Winters

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Age: 18
Height: 165,165

  • Well! it is so nice to see beautiful girls have fun on camera, taking each others clothes off in a very cute playful way. I know you make more money for the GYN shots, however playful pictures are more sexy and reflective of the beauty of your bodies-KEEP having FUN in your lives-Suzi

  • I love this set, two nude girls together. Not sure who is who by name, but the dark haired girl shows a beautiful sensuous tummy in the last shot. I imagine it curving gently down to her succulent shaved puss. Well, both girls are absolutely beautiful, & enjoying the heady sensation of showing their lovely 18 year old shaved cunts (& gorgeous tits) to the world I think — wish I were the photographer, as I would have a very hard erection under my pants at the sight of these two cavorting, & fantasise at the girls pulling it out of my pants & taking turns to pull, & suck me off. Hope to see some GYN shots of both these beauties in future, despite what Suzi says above. Nothing wrong with girls pulling back their cunt flaps for all to enjoy. This is not a page 3 girlie site after all. dave.

    • Sian does spread open her cunt lips in her solo video and fingers herself a little bit. Her pussy is really nice and meaty with big think lips and nice prominent clit. Her cunt is also quite wet so she’s obviously enjoying herself. Personally I love her little tits though. Nipples are a good size and shape and suit those small breasts of hers nicely. It’s a shame we never got to see her masturbate though.

  • i am waiting for joce & sian...comeback ladies..please!!!

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  • Blaise : Not a bad set of tits on this one. Nice firm and perky with no sag. Decent pair of nipples too. (...)
  • Chere : So pretty. I bet she’s had many admirers of that delicious bald fanny
  • Carmina : So smooth, I bet she spends a long time admiring her own snatch
  • Carian & Carmina : Bald and tasty
  • Renae D : What a talented girl
  • Lexi B : Mmmmm nice baldy
  • Lacie & Nichole : Nichole has a dreamy butthole
  • Victoria J : What a good girl
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